It makes sense for business to develop sustainable business practices. A focus on wiser more efficient use of our resources helps the environment and businesses bottomline. It is in the best interest of businesses to apply these same sustainability practices to their most valuable resource: their employees.

All employees struggle at times to balance work and family commitments as well as keeping healthy. The problem is that when workers have lowered levels of health and wellbeing or poor work life balance it severely limits business growth through lost productivity, stress and days off sick.

Three major studies suggest that in Australia at least 24 days worth of productivity is lost per employee per year due to poor health and lifestyle factors costing Australian business $100 billion each year.

So herein lays a substantial untapped source for productivity gains and increased profitability within your organization.

The Work Life Balance Foundation helps businesses and organizations create healthier balance sheets through healthier, more-balanced employees.

Our products and services include:

This wellbeing, stress management and lifestyle balance guide is designed specifically for burnt-out, time-poor workers. It is fast becoming one of the most sought after books in the corporate wellbeing arena.

Unlike many feel-good wellbeing programs, this training program has been tested and proven to create hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity savings for your organization...

In a pilot study, 30 managers from the Sunshine Coast Council participated in this Workforce Sustainability and Productivity Development program.

The results were:

  • a 13.7% increase in health and wellbeing levels
  • an 11.9% increase in workplace productivity
  • a 9.2% increase in home and personal life satisfaction
  • a 3 to 12 fold reduction in absenteeism
  • A total annual productivity savings of $193,096 ($6436/participant)
  • This represented a 2682% return on investment!
  • This clearly demonstrates that assisting your employees to live healthier, more balanced lives is no longer some feel-good optional extra for your workforce. It is a viable and extremely lucrative business strategy as it enables your organization to do more with less in a way that is sustainable.

    To enrol your company/organization in this proven Workforce Sustainability and Productivity Development Program call Dr. Paul Lanthois on 0409 286 612 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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