12 Gifts to Improve Your Well being and Life Balance This Christmas

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Our most common wish for others is for them to have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. Well here are some gift ideas to give to yourself or others that help make that wish a little easier to achieve…

1 A babysitting voucher

A lot of time poor couples feel guilty asking others to babysit. Make up a baby sitting voucher for your friends allowing couples precious time to re-connect.

2. Membership to a 24 hour gym

24 hour gym studios are popping up everywhere. It gives you the time and flexibility to workout how and when you want.

3. Organic dark chocolate (70% cocoa)

This chocolate allows you to indulge a little without feeling guilty because this type of chocolate is high in flavonoids that are good for your circulation.

4. The book From Burnout to Balance in Four Weeks

This wellbeing and life balance guide has been shown to improve happiness, wellbeing and work productivity (Order the e-book by clicking here)

5. Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a time effective way to prepare succulent dishes for the time poor. Throw the ingredients in before you go to work and you have a beautiful meal waiting for you when you return.

6. Juice Plus

Having trouble eating enough fruit and veg? This fruit and vegetable supplement containing 17 different fruit and veg powders has had 16 published studies conducted on it showing to improve circulation and immunity. Most importantly the studies show that the supplement is readily absorbed into the bloodstream (and not into the toilet like most supplements)

7. Nintendo Wii Console

Provides great games and fitness-building activities to do in the comfort of your own home. Recommend the Wii Fit Plus game.

8. Cleaning/housekeeping service

Pay for a cleaner to come in and tidy up. Provides an opportunity to have some quality time for themselves.

9. Skipping Rope

A great portable workout that you can take with you if you are frequently on the road or use at home.

10. Automatic Savings Plan

Start up an automatic savings plan and set it up so a small amount gets taken out of your account every month and put into this savings account. It helps to make money start working for you rather than you always working for money.

11. A special day with one of your family members

Create a certificate on your computer announcing a Daddy/ daughter day or a Mother/Son day. The purpose of these days is to have one-on one time with another family member and do whatever that family member wants to do. It creates really magical memories.

12. Do something nice to a stranger

Mow someone’s front lawn, pay for the groceries of the person in front of you, give a stranger some flowers, drop off a Christmas hamper on someone’s doorstep. Be imaginative. Doing such acts of kindness have been shown to boost your immunity.

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