Are Poor Sex Lives Driving us To Overwork?


Why do we overwork?

Some would say that the busier we are, the more successful we are? Others would say that they need to overwork just to make ends meet? But a German survey suggests that we may be overworking to compensate for a poor love life…

Ragnar Beer from the University of Gottingen surveyed almost 32 000 men and women for his Theratalk Project, which found that the less sex you have the more work you seek. It seemed that the sexually deprived have to find outlets for their frustrations so they often take on more commitments and work.

Beer’s team found that 36% of men and 35% of women who have sex only once a week take on extra work to compensate for their lacking love life.

It’s even worse for the hapless couples who have altogether lost their eye for one another. 45% of men and 46% of women who no longer have sex with their partner seek out other activities to salve their wanting libidos.

On the other hand, people who had sex at least twice a week didn’t want to take on extra work. Less than 5% of this more sexually satisfied group sought out other activities to help release their stress.

Sex has all sorts of health benefits, ranging from lowering blood pressure at work and lowering stress hormones. This research is suggesting that sex could also be one of the more fun tools to improve work life balance. I guess if there is more fun at home the working partner will obviously want to be home more often.

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