How To Attract Miracles Into Your Personal and Business Life

How To Attract Miracles Into Your Personal and Business LifeHow To Attract Miracles Into Your Personal and Business Life

It was one of those days that occasionally happens when I am sure that I had a sign stapled to my back saying, ‘If you want a safe place to release your emotions, please come and see me now.’ I don’t know if it is because I had experienced a near nervous breakdown that people feel that I can relate to their emotional upheavals more than the average health professional.

Whatever the reason, June was the third person this morning who felt the urge to release the stress and angst that had been building up in their lives. However for June it was becoming a regular pattern to come in and tell me about everything that had been going wrong in her life. While June was composing herself I said, “Watch out for the miracle that will happen to you later this week.” But little did I know the power of those words…

“Huh?” said June as she instantly snapped out of her saddened state. Her eyes widened with anticipation as I immediately had her full attention.

“Watch out for the miracle that will happen to you later this week,” I confirmed.

“What makes you say that?” she asked suspiciously.

“Could you just trust me on this one, June?”

Her suspicion remained as she stared at me intently in silence, scouring for any clues in my body language that would let her know if I was joking. But I wasn’t.

When her doubts were satisfied, June sat up taller and walked out with a smile and a tinge of schoolgirl excitement on her 52 year old face.

When she returned for her next visit, June was beaming.

“You were right,” she squealed in excitement . “But how did you know?” she quizzed, thinking that I was some kind of psychic guru.

“I expected a miracle, like you said to do and later that day I met the most amazing man when I thought I would never meet someone like that, but how did you know?”

I said to June, “You had been so down on yourself lately that I decided to help you start looking for the good things in your life as well.  I believe that miracles pass us buy every single day yet they often go unnoticed because we are not looking out for them.” As Albert Einstein once said, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Many of you may dismiss it at as positive thinking, Pollyanna, new –age hype and you would be justified in saying so. But before you dismiss it out of hand I’d like to point out that I am not a fan of positive thinking per se because to me many positive thinking proponents take it to the extreme. They regurgitate a mantra like,”There are no cars, there are no cars!” while they are crossing a six lane highway with their eyes closed.

This is not positive thinking hype. Expecting miracles is about changing your focus. Its about using your brain a different way. And there is a simple neurological explanation why expecting miracles helps you to find and experience miracles.

There is a part of your brain called the Recticular Activating System, or you can call it RAS, for short. Wel your RAS is your brains filter. It filters out all the information is unwanted or unimportant. The result is that you often get or notice what you focus on.

For example , how many of you have all of a sudden noticed that when you buy yourself a new car, you suddenly see hundreds of the same kinds of cars around you?

It’s not that there has been a sudden flood of your cars onto the streets. It is because your perception has been heightened due to your RAS.

So how is this going to help you at work and at home?

Begin looking for miracles in your life. Begin looking for things that you want. Focus on the solution rather than stewing over the problem. Focus on your health rather than complain about all your ailments. When you do this you begin to use the RAS in your brain to more effectively help your brain locate what you want amidst the sea of information out there.

Dr. John Hinwood, a friend of mine and a man who has been a tremendous mentor to myself and thousands of other people around the world use to send his friends, colleagues and patients “Expect A Miracle” cards. It was to help remind them to use their RAS to focus on the blessings that already exist in their life and to be open to the possibility that they can find the answer to whatever they want in life if the focus on it. (click here if you want to make your own “Expect A Miracle” cards)

He has now collected so many stories of amazing events that have occurred after people have received these “Expect A Miracle” cards and collated them into a fascinating and inspiring book obviously titled, “Expect A Miracle” that will give you hope that miracles are for everybody.

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