Creating a Healthier Work Environment and Unique Customer Experiences

Work Environment and Unique Customer Experiences

For many years businesses have long considered employee health and wellbeing to be the responsibility of the individual. Although people are responsible for their own health, corporations have only recently come to terms with the impact health has on the company’s bottom line. They are realizing that their company’s health is influenced by their employees’ health.

Smart companies are now starting workplace wellness programs to help workers stay healthy and productive in an effort to lower health-care costs and employee absenteeism. A recent survey of hundreds of U.S. companies found that 41 percent had already launched a health-related strategy… and the results are paying off.

Statistics on bigger companies indicate that the savings can be almost $5 for every dollar spent on making workers healthier. And while larger businesses can afford more formalized health and wellness programs in the workplace, even smaller companies are can get in on the act…

Whether you are an employer or manager of a hundreds of employees or just a few there are plenty of low cost and time effective ideas that can improve the health, morale and productivity within your business but this would have to be my favourite way of creating a healthier work environment. What started out as a way to create a healthier work environment eventually became a unique selling point in our business.

We bought ourselves a portable electric massager. They can generally range from $100 to $500 dollars but you are sure to find some bargains on eBay.

Consider having these massagers in the reception area of your business and/or in a meeting room. During breaks your work colleagues can go to these places and treat themselves to a 2-minute massage. If there is a client there you can offer to show them how to use it. When I first brought the massager to work and began using it during a short break, a client who arrived early saw me using it.

“Hi, I was just giving myself a quick massage,” initially being a touch embarrassed about being caught out.

“Oh, I would die for a massage,” he groaned.

“Would you like to try?”

He was initially reserved and hesitant. “Come and sit down. I’ll show you how to use it.”

Well suffice to say Adrian loved it and he has gone on to become a great long-term client. He made a habit of arriving early for his appointments so that he could have time for a massage before his consultation.

What originally began as a way to support my work colleagues and myself became the ultimate icebreaker and point of difference in creating the ideal customer experience. The word soon spread that when you came to my business you could get a free massage while you wait. We rarely got any complaints about having to wait.

Many businesses have found when you have a happier and healthier environment it not only translates into improved productivity outcomes and less worker absenteeism. The additional benefit of a healthier work environment is that healthier employees create a healthier and happier experience for your client. It will help your corporation thrive and not just survive.

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