How to Eliminate Workplace Bullying and Bitching

How to Eliminate Workplace Bullying and Bitching

If you happen to come face to face with a tiger in the wild…should you run straight away? …No. That reaction would just confirm that you are the prey and prompt the tiger to attack.

If you happened to come across a work colleague who made some rude, bitchy or intimidating comments to you, what should you do?…Get angry and upset or sulk and run away?…No. That reaction would just confirm that you are the prey and prompt that colleague to continue these attacks in the future…

Changing victim’s behaviour can be a remedy for bullying

We hear a lot about workplace bullying and most of the effort seems to be focussed on the bully changing their behaviour. Bullies are predators who prey on perceived weaknesses and insecurities of others to satisfy their own personal hunger to feel better about themselves.

To stop workplace bullying you treat bullies like predators. Predators only attack their prey, so don’t react or behave like prey.

So how do you do this in the real world?…

Let’s say a bully says to you, “ I think you are a f…@*   b##@.”

You respond by maintaining your same posture (remember,  your body language is an important communication tool) and you say something nice back to them (nothing pisses them off more) like, “That’s a shame because I think you are really nice.”

There’s no fight, no reaction, no drama that the bully is looking to create. There’s nothing for them to feed on. GAME OVER. You are not easy prey. They won’t target you as often.

Predators can only survive around suitable prey.This is good news for victims because you can be empowered with the knowledge that you have the ability to influence this. You can rid workplace of bullying and bitching around you by not being be a food source for the bullies.

How do victims do this?

By changing your behaviour and remember … what other people say about you is none of your business! Its what you say to yourself that counts!

A workplace without victims is a workplace without bullies….so stop all victim-like behaviour.

You also can do the following steps to save yourself from being bullying.

Make some good friend

Make a group for your own protection

Avoid the person who do these


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