Glucosamine Sulphate and Arthritis

Glucosamine Sulphate and Arthritis

Does glucosamine sulphate actually help arthritis? Are all the available brands of glucosamine sulphate as effective as each other? There’s good and bad news…

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar that is needed for the production of certain chemicals involved in reducing inflammation. It is a natural building block of joint cartilage. It is found naturally in chitin from prawns and other crustaceans. There have been 20 trials supporting its effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis but it really came to prominence following the publication of a groundbreaking study in 2001.

The study put rest to the debate. It showed emphatically that glucosamine sulphate not only helps the symptoms of osteoarthritis but also was shown to stop the progression of this painful condition.

The study,published in the prestigious Lancet journal showed that taking 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate per day over a three years significantly slowed the of progression of osteoarthritis. The team of researchers headed by Professor Reginster found that people that took the glucosamine sulphate maintained the same joint space in their knees and reported a reduction in their symptoms when compared to the placebo. The control group who received the placebo showed had an average 0.31mm loss of joint space in their knees and exhibited a continual worsening of symptoms.

This created quite a stir in the natural health industry. Before long health practitioners, pharmacies and health food stores were being bombarded with all sorts of glucosamine products.  I have always been skeptical of new fads and trends in the natural health arena so a few years ago I decided to investigate the glucosamine phenomenon in detail.

What I found was a phenomenal amount of pseudoscience and hype that has resulted in millions of people feeling duped and dispirited. The problem wasn’t glucosamine sulphate. The science is quite clear that glucosamine sulphate works. The problem was only one brand of glucosamine sulphate has been proven to work. In fact all other brands have been shown to be ineffective.

The Cochrane group, a well respected group of researchers from the USA  reviewed the results of studies done of different preparations of Glucosamine Sulphate. The analysis of 20 studies on 2570 patients showed that only the preparation of glucosamine sulphate made by the Rottapharm Company helped in reducing pain and functional impairment.

All other glucosamine preparations were shown to be ineffective. The other brands merely use the results of the Rottapharm product to market their own preparation of Glucosamine.

This study proves that different brands of purportedly the same product DO NOT work the same.  The quality of ingredients, processing, way of manufacture, quality of the capsule can all dramatically effective the end product. I can only recommend the actual brand that has been proven effective in reducing the progression of arthritis.

I want to point out that I have no commercial affiliation or connection with the Rottapharm Company or any distributors of this product whatsoever. I am just tired of the large number of ineffective supplements riding on the coat tails of the few legitimate and effective natural supplements like this.

In Australia, the actual product legitimate brand proven to work is DONA Microcrystalline Glucosamine Sulphate.  I wouldn’t recommend that you try any other form of Glucosamine until that company can show you studies showing that their particular brand works.

Go to to discover where DONA Glucosamine Sulphate is available from in your area.

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