Healthy work environment audit

Healthy work environment

The sustainability and future success of your business is dependent upon the health and energy of your workforce:

  • Happy healthy staff = Happy healthy business
  • Does your work environment help or hinder the health and happiness of your staff? How do you know?
  • Does management have any systems in place that give them an idea of staff health and happiness?
  • What do you have in place to support the health and morale of your workplace? Do your employees value that support? How do you know?
  • What if there were low cost modifications to your worksite that could support the health and happiness of your team?

This onsite examination not only includes a review of office and workplace ergonomics by a registered health professional to reduce injury risk, it also assesses:

  • Ease of access to healthy food choices
  • How effectively business and employees handle stress
  • Effectiveness in communication
  • Flexibility of work hours
  • Emotional environment
  • Staff health, energy and happiness
  • What your staff would like from the company to help them be healthier and happier.

You then receive a report outlining simple low cost strategies that can be implemented to improve health, morale, productivity and in many cases provide unique customer experiences as well. In addition, recommendations for any future training and development that will also make a difference will be presented.

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