How Progressive Companies Can Instil Greater Work-Life Balance Within Their Organisation

How Progressive Companies Can Instil Greater Work-Life Balance Within Their Organisation

It just seems that companies have got the whole work life balance out of sync. For some reason you have designed it so that your career obligations (and time required at work) peak during the most important time of your young families life. Then when your children are grown up and have left the house you are then encouraged to reduce your workload and retire…

Do you want to have a top executive or vice presented that is stressed to his eyeballs, unhealthy with a separated spouse and children that never knew them? You can’t expect sound judgement and decision making from someone in this position.

How much will their errors in judgement cost your business?

Do you want to be footing the bill for the exponential growth in cost of healthcare for your stressed out and overwhelmed workers.

Well a fundamental shift in how you employ and assign roles and responsibilities in your organization will be required.

Here is how a progressive company could instil the a healthy work life balance in their organization:

Fast Track Your Young Movers And Shakers

Identify the talented workers in their twenties. Give the more demanding, time consuming and higher paid positions to the younger generation while they have the energy of youth to handle it. Let these younger executives be the ones who have to travel interstate and overseas for meetings and presentations and stay back late to complete deadlines.Have more senior and experienced staff to mentor them.

Provide Options For Your Young Parents To Reduce Their Time At Work

Encourage young parents from their mid to late thirties to reduce their hours so that they can have more of a life at home and have the time to develop a strong family unit and a healthy lifestyle. Provide training in wellness lifestyle programs to improve vitality and energy in your employees and reduce healthcare costs.

Provide Options For More Senior Staff To Expand Their Roles

When children have moved out of home to start their career or to go to college the parents have a lot more time on their hands. Take advantage of their experience by putting them in roles of high responsibility and strategic planning. Before expanding their roles and time requirements at work, ensure that they are following a wellness program that can support their health through these increased work demands.

With generation Yers, work life balance is of increasing importance in selection of jobs. An appropriate work life balance within any organization would improve productivity, attract talented employees, lower healthcare costs and save money on training from improved staff retention.

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