Injury Prevention & Pain Management

Common Painkillers Have Lethal Side-Effects

I have to admit that I was very surprised when the popular pain-killer Vioxx was banned  several years ago due…

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Natural Pain Relief and Arthritis Management

The most commonly prescribed medical treatment for pain and arthritis are anti-inflammatory drugs called non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Unfortunately…

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How to improve your body balance and injury-proof your body

A lot of time people injure themselves shortly after beginning a well-intentioned exercise program. If your body is out of…

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How Crossing Your Arms Can Reduce Pain Perception

It’s hard to believe, but a new medical study suggests that simply crossing arms can lessen pain! Scientists from University…

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Get Injured Workers Back To Work Quicker By Avoiding This Mistake

If you had any doubt about how much pain can suck the energy right out of you, you only needed…

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Does cracking your joints give you arthritis?

Graham had been working solidly on his computer for hours and the tension building in his neck, shoulders and arms…

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Beating Wrist Pain

If you spend a lot of time on computers or you work a lot with your hands here is a…

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Back Pain Hurts Business Bottom Line

A study published in February 2008 revealed that Americans are spending record amounts on treatments for back pain. While this…

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Arthritis is Not Caused by Old Age

Arthritic aches and pains are a major issue in our ageing workforce. According to Professor Paul Hodges from University of…

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