Injury Prevention & Pain Management

Natural Pain Relief and Arthritis Management

The most commonly prescribed medical treatment for pain and arthritis are anti-inflammatory drugs called non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Unfortunately 1 in 3 people who take these drugs get stomach ulcers and many researchers are now calling for these drugs to be banned because of their increased risk of heart attacks and strokes!…

Ibuprofen (also known as Actiprofen, Brufen, Nurofen and Rafen) increases your risk of heart disease and stroke by 24%!

Diclofenac (also known as voltaren, dinac, fenac, diclohexal and arthrotec 50) increases your risk of heart attack and stroke by 55%!

Some people opt to try to ignore the pain in the hope that it will go away. Unfortunately ignoring the underlying cause of the pain tends to encourage the development of arthritic degeneration and reduces your productivity by 20 – 41%. This means that you could be wasting 6 hours and 33 minutes every day!

There has to be a safer, natural and effective way to relieve pain and inflammation. Fortunately there  are many ways…

-Re-balancing and realigning your body with whole body chiropractic care

-Relaxing your muscles with massage

– Anti-inflammatory diet

– M.I.C.E. First Aid Protocol

– Our New Range of Natural Anti-Inflammatory Packs available at Be Healthy Chiropractic


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